A quick guide to creating a PostgreSQL database through ElephantSQL and connecting it to your Node.js application and Postico

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In this tutorial we will walk through setting up a node application with a database, using ElephantSQL to set up a PostgreSQL database as well as connecting to visual interface, Postico.

All of these tools have free plans which will allow you to get started with your project without any put of pocket costs.

There will be four steps you will need to complete before your project is up and running:

1) Set up a Postgres database using ElephantSQL

2) Connect ElephantSQL to a visual interface…

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Before I learned to write code, I wrote blog posts and marketing copy for businesses in the hospitality industry. Since my work was remote and on a freelance basis, I didn’t have co-workers, but house guests and strangers in coffee shops often commented on my lighting fast typing speed. Also, that I’m a very loud typer — you can rest assured that there is a lot of force behind these words!

But when I started my programming journey, the new-to-me syntax and constant changes needed to make my code work had me hunting and pecking at the keyboard like my 93-year old grandma. …


Katy Donoghue

Software Developer | Based in Savannah, GA | Working with JS, React & Node.js

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